PopUp Board
Solve your biggest business challenges

Businesses often find themselves facing many different types of challenges. Whether yours is finance, people & culture, operations, sales or strategy, we’re here to help. We provide an external perspective combined with years of experience to help you overcome your biggest challenges and pain points. 

We get under the skin of your challenge. We bring together a tailor-made PopUp board consisting of 3 trusted advisors, industry experts and business leaders who have been selected specifically for your situation. Our advisors will impart their advice, knowledge and experience and you will leave your PopUp Board with a clear outline of what you need to do to overcome your challenge. 

How it works:
Solve your biggest challenges with a tailor-made PopUp board

01  Initial discovery visit by advisor

02  We select 3 advisors based on your situation

03  Half day tailor-made PopUp Board

04  You leave with a clear path to overcome your challenge

Here’s how we can help:

If you have a board-level challenge that you want to solve efficiently and effectively then the PopUp Board is right for you.

Typically problems fall under one of the following categories: finance, people & culture, operations, sales or strategy. However if you feel you have one outside this get in touch and we’ll let you know if we can help.

Our lead advisor spends time with you discovering your challenge in detail. This enables us to create a board specifically around your issues. We provide diversity of thought, experience and advice to help you solve your challenge.

One of our advisors will work with you on an initial fact-finding exercise so that we can tailor-make both the content of the session as well as select the advisors most relevant for your situation.

Your PopUp Board can take either take place in your boardroom or offsite should you wish to have more privacy.

We can help on all board-level issues. We can tailor make a challenge specific SpringBoard, provide you with a trusted Board Advisor on an ongoing basis to support you on your journey and also take on Special Projects upon request.

If you would like to enquire about the PopUp Board please get in touch below.