SynergyMode advisor Patrick Herridge or Paddy as he is known within the SynergyMode team, is an entrepreneur and a communications specialist. Paddy is a highly effective communicator, a problem solver and an entrepreneur, which has enabled him to shape business journeys and drive them to success.

We asked Paddy a few questions about his personal life and his thoughts about the business world. Here is what he told us:


Why are you passionate about what you do?


I love the practice and idea of building businesses from scratch. I enjoy creating employment opportunities, giving people the opportunity to earn a living and live their lives well. The idea of creation and growth is exciting and watching companies and people grow gives me huge satisfaction.


Tell me about an accomplishment that has shaped your career?


Growing and then selling my PR agency, Parys Communications, has probably been my biggest professional accomplishment. It’s given me a really broad overview of all sides of business, from startup through growth to sale and then integration. Not to forget working within a larger corporate.


What do you do in your free time?


I am a big fan of classic cars and Motorsport in general. I currently own a 1960 Bentley S2 and enjoy driving when I get the chance.  Most of my time is taken up with my 3 children which in itself is a great way to unwind from the professional world.


What attracted you to SynergyMode?


Having sat on a number of traditional boards I realised that there are a lot of limitations. A meeting once a month amongst a board that’s too often made up of the CEO’s friends can sometimes deliver limited value.  SM shakes this model up – it allows access to new ways to engage with advisors and new ways for advisors to collaborate to deliver greater value. Having access to a broad range of advisors at every level gives a business the opportunity to identify underlying challenges and to develop strategies to tackle them.


How has the business world changed and how does SynergyMode address this?


Complexity is increasing on all levels in the business world whether it be tech, globalisation or culture. CEO’s need to be aware of these changing complexities and SM provides you with the advice to adapt to these changes. Medium-sized businesses can’t afford to hire experts in every category. SM is a model which incorporates collaboration amongst its team of advisors and provides a diverse set of knowledge to businesses. Priceless.


What is the biggest challenge faced by SMEs today?


The ways in which technology is changing every business sector poses one of the biggest challenges. Whether you’re a media company or a retailer, a business cannot continue to do what they have been doing for the last 20 to 40 years. If I started again doing the same things that I did 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have a business.  Businesses need to understand the winds of change in their industry in order to adapt and respond appropriately.


What are the main issues you see in leadership today and why?


The main issue I see today is when business leaders don’t have the time and headspace to work ON their business and not just IN their business. A leader must take a step back every so often and look into their business from a distance. This allows them to see how to change and develop their business rather than fire fighting on a day to day basis.


What defines a good company culture?


I love working with startups where the culture is aligned to a common goal. Everyone is flexible, engaged in a common mission, teams are aligned, everyone collaborates and works effectively. Companies should try to integrate parts of this type of culture into their businesses.


Paddy cares about what he does. He loves developing businesses to give people the chance to grow personally. His experience in running and helping businesses makes him a highly credible and sought after advisor. Paddy has previously run his own PR company Parys Communications and worked alongside the founder of MWWPR.

Paddy is part of a network of powerful and diverse business leaders and industry experts at SynergyMode. Our model allows you to access our entire network of advisors, ensuring we solve your biggest business challenges.

SynergyMode Advisor Patrick Herridge.