Join Us - Board Advisory

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”

Join SynergyMode and become a key part of our powerful Board Advisory service. Together, as a collective, we deliver greater results for our clients.

Enhance your advice and network

Collaborate with our diverse group of highly talented Synergists to add greater value to clients by tapping into a diverse pool of advice, knowledge and connections.

Events, Workshops and Peer2Peer

Offer your clients the chance to participate in SynergMode’s networking events and insight driven workshops. Also allow them to benefit from SynergyMode’s Peer2Peer program facilitates direct connections for our clients and their senior leadership teams with the aim of creating meaningful relationships.


Working independently or on a freelance basis gives you both freedom and flexibility. Work as much or as little as you want and manage your own workload. There are no minimum requirements

Fully managed service

As part of SynergyMode’s partnership with you we will perform all your invoicing and payment services so you can focus on executing your role and delivering great results to all of your clients.

Get rewarded for collaboration

Whether its giving advice, sharing a contact or connection, making a recommendation or even just giving an opinion, the more actively that you collaborate into the SynergyMode environment the more you will benefit all round.

Collaboration will be measured in a variety of ways from peer to peer ratings to meaningful activity on our framework and tools.

Top collaborators will be celebrated, rewarded and can even end up gaining equity in SynergyMode.

Who joins SynergyMode?

Board Advisors join us for a variety of reasons. However what they all share is a passion for helping clients achieve their potential and have a strong belief that by plugging into SynergyMode they will be able to deliver a better service and more impact for their clients that the traditional individual methods of working just don’t provide.

We’re open to hearing from people from a variety of diverse backgrounds, there is no preferred career path or optimum current position that we look for as we feel diversity is key to delivering the best Board Advisory service.

What experience do I need?

You are passionate about being an influential part of a company and their management team’s drive for improvement and for greater success. You have business insight, acumen, and knowledge which is both practically proven and explainable to others. You are a professional under whose leadership experienced directors excel. If you have the experience, the mindset, the ability to lead and a deep alignment with our 9 Key characteristics of a Synergist, we want to hear from you.

How to join our Board Advisory team

01. Apply

Send us your CV and a covering letter introducing yourself. If there is a good fit with SynergyMode, we'll invite you for an interview.

02. Agree terms

If successful, we'll agree terms and discuss your preferences for different types of assignments and where and when you work.

03. Find your first client

Your dedicated SynergyMode HQ contact will work closely with you to find the right first assignment for you.

04. Feedback

We monitor each assignment carefully, getting feedback from both you and the client to make sure it goes as well as possible.