1. All businesses would be more successful if they had an experienced and relevant external advisor.

2. Not enough businesses have advisors or even know help is available.

3. The current ecosystem of board-level advice is isolated and not as effective as it could be.

Advocating and facilitating a better world of board-level advice to help businesses succeed.

Promoting the impact of board-level advisors, amplifying their insight, driving collaboration, and enabling them to maximise the value they deliver to their clients.

Our Values

Be Bold

We make a difference in everything we do. We challenge the status quo and don’t blend into the crowd. We make brave decisions and act with speed. We think big and are not limited by our current resources.

Focus on Impact

Our actions and decisions are based on generating maximum impact for our stakeholders. We discover tangible synergies that wouldn’t arise in the current isolated world of board-level advice.

Act with Integrity

We do the right thing. We act with authenticity and humility. We tell the truth even if the truth hurts. We take responsibility for our actions and work hard to earn the trust and respect of our stakeholders.

Drive Collaboration

This is the fuel of our business. Our success is driven by our ability to build relationships and deliver outcomes with employees, advisors and businesses. Together we are stronger.

“We want to encourage as many businesses as possible to get the advice they need, when they need it, in order to help them succeed. Help is at hand, all you need to do is ask.”

— James Segal, Founder and CEO